Love of Our Community

The New General Market

New General Market – noun: an amalgamation of cultures, ethnicities and demographics aligned against commonalities, need states and lifestyles

Numerous studies have been conducted to indicate how differently America will look in the future. However, the U.S. isn’t on the brink of change. It has indeed changed well beyond demographics, and the cultural shift that we are witnessing will continue as a defining – and beautiful – part of the landscape and future of this nation.

What does this mean for the beauty industry? We believe that as manufacturers and brands, we have an extraordinary opportunity to shift how we approach and serve all of our consumers, and as a result, reshape the beauty landscape from one of standardized ideals to one of inclusive representations.

At Sundial, we transformed our General Market approach to a New General Market journey more than two decades ago, first using this term to describe our community of consumers more than 10 years ago. We recognized early with our SheaMoisture and Nubian Heritage brands that little value existed – for our global community, our business and our industry – to operate within the constructs, and constraints, of traditional segmentation and the narrow labeling that often results.

So, we defined the New General Market as “an amalgamation of cultures, ethnicities and demographics aligned against commonalities, need states and lifestyles.” For us, the most important part of this definition is commonalities. It is not a segmentation approach; it is an approach of inclusion. Indeed, it is a multi-need strategy in which the differences within populations and the similarities across populations are simultaneously acknowledged and understood.

It is an opportunity to think differently about strategies for new and better solutions for how we all serve our consumers – not just a few or the largest segment, but all of them. We all share very common needs, and when we begin to focus on what they are, we are able to identify connection points among people, rather than differences between them. Also, as retailers and brands, we can begin to serve consumers in a much more meaningful and relevant way across product development, merchandising and marketing.

Today, our New General Market consumers engage with us to share stories of their unique needs, incubate product innovation and collaborate on our collective aspirations to live better, healthier, longer and more purposeful lives.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey.