Love of Our World

Community Commerce

At Sundial Brands, we believe that we are all connected by our aspirations to live better, healthier, longer and more purposeful lives.

Community Commerce, Sundial’s purpose-driven way of doing business, equips people and communities with access to the opportunities and resources that enable them to create lasting value for themselves and others. Building stronger communities and better businesses, Community Commerce is how we live – and how we empower through business.

Different from charity or philanthropy, it is our way of bringing to life the philosophy that teaching a person how to do something and facilitating opportunities for them to do it are more substantial – and sustaining – than doing it for them.

Fusing business performance and societal well-being to create shared value, Community Commerce guides every major decision we make at Sundial. At the heart of Community Commerce is an acknowledgement of our human connectivity and a desire to create valuable exchanges between all people in our supply chain and eco-system through sustainable social and economic empowerment. Our New General Market consumers have higher cause, social and innovation expectations of themselves and of the companies and brands they engage – and so do we.

Through our Community Commerce pillars of Financial & Economic Development, Health & Wellness and Education & Training, we are delivering on our mandate to leave this world a better place than we found it (and it feels pretty awesome!).